Sugar Sugar

Alternative title: Sugar Ray


After a failed attempt at making some dollhouse furniture (let’s just say, the shelf I made turned out less than gorgeous), I thought I would switch it up and do a super fast and super useful thing that I have made many times over the years. 

Here’s how to make a sugar scrub. It’s a great bath-time staple and a super-easy handmade gift if you need to make something quick! Honestly, it’s almost too simple for this newsletter, but I have made it for years and I love having it in the house. 

You only need two ingredients, sugar and coconut oil. I try to use organic because it’s better for your skin, but it’s not mandatory. I also use a secondary moisturizer. Today it’s Jojoba since that’s what I had in my house, but vitamin-e oil is probably the best for the job. I am also adding lavender essential oil, but any essential oil will work if you want to add some scent!

Now it’s time to get a bowl and add 2 parts coconut oil to 1 part sugar. Then add a splash of your secondary oil and a couple of drops of essential oil. I usually just eyeball it. Start with less and you can always add more. 

I start by mixing all my ingredients together with a fork. 

If your home is on the cold side like mine, this will be a harder process. I then use my hands to get rid of any big lumps of coconut oil. The heat from your hands will make this come together really easily. 

When I am happy with my mix, it is time to transfer it into a glass jar. If you are giving it as a gift, using a cute jar will do wonders (also maybe use gloves…) but for me, I will just use a recycled one since it’s staying in my house. One of my favorite things about making this is washing my hands when I am done. It will leave your hands so soft from packing.

If you want add a stick on a label. If you have kids it’s a great way to finish a gift or let them get creative. I use a sugar scrub about every other week to once a week and it gives your skin a great soft feel. I usually say this keeps for around a month if you store it in a cool space.

I know this one was a quick one and I just wanted to end it by says, I started ending these on a serious note in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and this week his murderer, Derek Chauvin’s trial begins. It’s important to turn our eyes back to Minnesota and make sure that some justice actually comes through. If you need to read up a little, here is a bit about Chauvin’s background and how we got here. Here’s another article that I think has some important background. Here’s also more resources. All eyes are going to be on Minnesota and it’s important we keep them there. 

As always stay safe,