Put on Your Sparkle Shoes and Dance the Blues

Warning, this is a glitter heavy one.

Hello but this time sang as Adele, 

There’s no place like home because I have been nowhere else in weeks. Before I began this craft, I thought I was going to be making ruby sippers, that didn’t exactly happen for reasons I will get in to, but this craft does make you say, “hey, adults can wear shinny shoes too.” Today, I am going to show you how to modge podge shoes with glitter.

This craft is honestly pretty easy. I do this craft with modge podge but you can use other types of glue and a finishing sealant if you don’t have modge podge as long as both the sealant and the glue dry clear. Modge podge, however, is the most foolproof way of doing this one. 

Start by getting some old shoes. Now technically, you can do this on any shoes, but I would do it the first time on shoes you don’t care too much about. I chose a pair of black heels that I absolutely love, but had a couple of knicks and wear spots on them and overall looked pretty beat up. I have been saying I will through them out for months, but they are just so comfortable. I cleaned them off just with a little bit of soapy water and then clean water before I did this just to make sure there wasn’t any dirt or debris on them. 

I used black heels for this, but I think it works better with lighter colored shoes, I just have big feet so there is no world wear I own light-colored shoes. When your shoes are ready, get our your modge podge and the glitter of your choice. It can be any color, but fine glitter will work better than chunky styles. I originally was going to do this in red (was trying to live out my full Dorthy fantasy), but I didn’t have that much red glitter, so I ended up using gold. This craft takes a lot of glitter so make sure you have enough. You can use multiple colors and get creative with this, but I will just be showing the basic, which takes a lot of one color of glitter. 

Start with a small amount of modge podge and start adding glitter. I used about a 3:1 ratio of glue to glitter. It isn’t a science, you really can just eyeball it. Mix the glue and glitter well. When you mix it up you won’t be able to see the glitter, but know that it’s there and when the glue dries clear you will be able to see it all. Don’t add too much glitter, it will get clumpy and will make the next steps harder.

Take a midsized paintbrush and paint the glitter glue onto the shoes. There is no wrong way to do this, but try to do fairly even coats as you go. The modge podge doesn’t dry too fast so you should be able to take your time to fully cover the shoe. 

Get ready to do a couple of coats especially if you started with dark-colored shoes as I did. Here’s what they looked like when the first coat dried. You can see that black spots are showing through. 

Wait for your first coat to dry and then add another. I wanted my shoes to be fully covered, so I ended up doing about 4 coats in the end. The coats will go on white at first which makes it easier to see which areas you have already covered.

Purely for my own enjoyment, I decided to make my glitter shoes red bottoms. I have seen a lot of DIYs for Louboutins and honestly, I think they are kind of stupid. I don’t think anyone will mistake these for $700 shoes, but these shoes were already so loud, I thought it would be a fun little joke for me. I started by mixing two colors of red acrylic paint to get a deep red and then carefully painted the red onto the bottom of the heels. If you are serious about making fake Loubies, they do sell touch up paint for the actual shoes online because the bottoms get scuffed, but I am not taking this too seriously. 

If you are ever in the market for used Louboutins and are trying to make sure they are real, you can tell because the red-painted heel goes all the way to the toes.

However, I don’t recommend doing that for these shoes either with paint or with the glitter solution because it can make then very slippery. Here’s my clear knock offs. 

I had to do about 3 coats of red paint to make sure I had full coverage and then I sealed the paint in with another layer of modge podge. 

You can do a final coat of the whole shoe in modge podge for a really clean finish. I decided to go without it because I liked my look after my fourth glitter coat was dry. 

You can use this same process on all kinds of things. Some of my favorites are frames, decorative trays, candle holders, but honestly, the sky is the limit. 

I don’t have too much to say at the end of this one, but I wanted to highlight a couple of things that I love are happening right now. On the top of that list is always Dolly Parton. Not only is she helping fund Vanderbilt’s COVID-19 research but, if you have kids, she is also doing a weekly bedtime story reading, which is truly the cutest. Speaking of books and libraries, I know the Brooklyn library uses Libby but I would venture a guess your local library does too. It’s an e-reader app that has a ton of books.

I hope everyone is staying inside and keeping it together and remember: 

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