Diamonds are a girl's best friend

A trendy jewelry DIY from your favorite trend setter.

Hello Beauties, 

So cards on the table, usually I try to make sure the crafts I am doing here fall into 1 of 3 categories (hopefully 2 of the three.) 1. Things people would usually find useful or most households could use in some way. 2. Kid friendly or just super cute things to make you smile. 3. Things that each a crafting skill or show a new, cool way to upcycle. 

Every once in a while, I let myself do a craft that is none of these, just because I really want to make it and share it. I try to keep these to a minimum and often just do these types of crafts in my free time and not for this newsletter, but this week, we are doing one. I don’t think a lot of people need this or maybe will even make them, but I love them, so we are making reusable eyelid jewelry. 

Ok, so what is that? It is pretty much fake eyelashes but made out of jewels. Ok, so why do I want that? I honestly think we are going to see this as a huge fashion trend and if you are someone who likes make-up or doing ‘lewks’ but don’t love how much time it takes to put them on, this is for you. Pretty much, I am making these for all my drag queen and club kid friends in the future. 

 I originally saw a couple of people make these on TikTok and a couple more people selling them on Etsy and Instagram, but when I looked for a simple tutorial, there wasn’t one. So I tested a couple of ways so that I could be that tutorial. I know it’s not something everyone needs, but honestly, they are super fun and great for costumes if that is something you are interested in. 

To start, you will need pantyhose. I got mine from the dollar store. We are cutting these, so I would keep them cheap and kind of ‘flesh-colored’ (mine are not my actual skin color, but we are looking for something in the beige-brown-tan category.) 

The next step isn’t 100% necessary but I think it will help! Take a piece of Saran wrap and cover your eye and eyelid with it. Now carefully use a sharpie to draw where you would usually apply eyeliner or the shape of your lid on top of the Saran.

This doesn’t have to be perfect, but it gives you an idea of how large your eyes are and their shape. 

Next, it’s time to cut a little out of your pantyhose. I would use a section of the leg. I cut a cylindric piece from the leg and then cut up the back so that I had a square. Pretty much all you need is enough to fit over an embroidery hoop. 

 If you don’t have an embroidery hoop, you can use a box or bowl. Simply, do not cut up the back of the leg and use the cylindric cut to lightly stretch the fabric over the box or bowl. 

Whatever method you are using, do not stretch your fabric too tight. Do it just lose enough so that your surface won’t move or shift but do it without pulling the fabric tight. It should have a natural give. 

Place your Saran under the fabric and use a non-toxic marker to sketch the same shape onto the pantyhose. 

Next, take a non-toxic fabric glue and some small rhinestones or flat beads and fill in your drawn shapes. I am using white rhinestones and half pearls, but you can use any small stone. 

It doesn’t need to be perfect but think about aesthetics as you are making your placements. 

When your shapes are filled, let your glue dry fully. When your glue is dried, add another layer of glue at least to the back of the project. 

I used a couple of layers on both sides which made this a lot more secure, though if you add too many in the front it might start to be viable. I would make sure in either case you are using a glue that dries clear. 

It’s then time to carefully cut out your jewelry. 

Cut them out of the hoop and then go in to take off any excess carefully. 

You are then ready to attach them to your face. 

Use false eyelash glue or another face-safe glue like spirit gum or rhinestone glue. I think eyelash glue is the best to use and usually won’t hurt your eyes. If you are worried as someone who has never used eyelash glue before, test a little bit on your eyelid to make sure you aren’t allergic and it won’t make you break out. Add the eyelash glue to the back of the jewelry. This isn’t a science, just get enough so that it will adhere to the eyelid and position it to the eye. 

Let it dry and the jewelry is ready to wear. 

I didn’t put on both of them because I am going nowhere and seeing no one today, but honestly, I am wearing these to my next zoom movie night. To remove them, you can simply peel them off slowly like a false eyelash, just be careful since the jewels might be a little loose, especially after multiple wears.

I know this was a weird one, but I am hoping a couple of people make these and rock them. Mine ended up feeling kind of bridal so let me know what color of jewels you use if you make these. 

So, I usually end these on a political note, and wow ok… Ummm… where to start. Nazis walked into the capital for a coup and honestly, that’s very bad. We will see in the coming weeks what happens to these terrorists, but if you are worried about if someone you know or in your community has participated in the coup, find a list of names (though the Instagram associated is now private but they are updating their story with more info on who to call and who to avoid if you request to follow,) here.  It’s not complete and a lot of internet sleuths are tracking them down through social media. It might seem silly, but I learned that I knew someone who was at the protest…. Don’t worry I have not talked to her for years and she has blocked me on everything, but it might be good to look. Also, if you are going to any counter-protests, here is a link with a know your rights training. The world is crazy, so stay safe out there. 

I love you all.